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Welcome to Fitness Without Boundaries  

‘Fitness Without Boundaries’ seeks to benefit both the local disabled community, and the wider community of those with long term health issues. We understand that the difficulties that face this growing number of people have increased significantly due to COVID-19, the closure of local centres and the cuts to care and rehabilitation services. We seek to support these vulnerable people and to give them the key to improved health and independence. 

All About the F.W.B

 Our target community members – those with disabilities and long-term health issues – absolutely need our dedicated support and attention. They are often the people that are neglected by society, suffering from social isolation, and find the physical and mental challenge of going out meeting new people extremely hard to overcome. We as a charity are trying to break down the boundaries of this by the means of fitness, well-being, and education.  


We seek to create and foster opportunities for people with disabilities, long-term health issues and their carers to come together, grow together in strength and fitness and support each other in the way that any community should; in the way that the disabled community deserves. Due to their highly specialised individual needs, and the sheer coordination required in organising a community like this, developing, and maintaining a group can be exceptionally challenging. Individuals are so hard to reach, and they often struggle to get into any sort of fitness Wellness and education. However, once they are in, they stay there and are often some of the most regular attenders of classes and social activities.  





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